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TITAN was the Cambridge computer system between EDSAC 2 and Phoenix. TITAN was a cut-down version of the commercial Atlas system. Notable features included being the first computer with cache memory and having an early time-shared interactive system (although it was originally designed as a purely batch processing system). The construction of TITAN began in 1962, and it ran until 8 October 1973, an IBM system (Phoenix) having been commissioned in 1972. TITAN had a user base of several hundred, with 73 terminals of which 26 could be in use simultaneously. Hundreds of circuit boards from TITAN have survived in the Computer Laboratory. There is an item about TITAN by Roger Needham in Computing Service newsletter 164 (March/April 1992).

We are gradually scanning in TITAN documentation and putting it online for wider availability. The TITAN documentation here is copyright © University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, and is distributed by permission. Thanks to Barry Landy, Roger Needham and David Hartley for giving permission to distribute these documents. Thanks to Barry Landy for lending me the paper documents from which this documentation was scanned. Any typographical errors probably arose in the course of OCR. Some handwritten corrections and changes have been incorporated in the texts here.

The following are currently available (more will be added as time permits):

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