What is CUCPS?

CUCPS is the Cambridge University Computer Preservation Society, and the society aims to promote interest in all aspects of computer history. When the society was first created the principal goal was the conservation of old hardware and software for the understanding of the operation of such systems, but we have subsequently extended the field covered.

The society organises speaker meetings (normally on 8:30pm on Tuesday evenings), and also has a collection of hardware, some of which is currently looking for members who are interested in it. In addition we welcome people disposing of equipment sending us some mail, as it is quite likely that we might be interested in rescuing it! Please see our equipment page for more information on both giving CUCPS equipment, and receiving equipment from CUCPS as a member.

The society has a newsgroup ucam.societies.cucps, which is accessible only to those within Cambridge University. However there is also a mailing list for members, and one for non-members interested in the Society's activities. Details of talks are announced on both the mailing lists and the newsgroup.

If you want to join, we suggest you come along to talks (at which non-members are welcome); if you like what you hear, you can join after the talk. Contact if you're not a member but want to be on the mailing list to receive announcements of talks. (This address is for both subscription and unsubscription requests for the mailing list, and requests are handled manually; so please state in your message whether you wish to subscribe or unsubscribe.) It costs just £2.50 for life membership - very good value if you want the free hardware. You can also contact the Junior Treasurer (William Sowerbutts, if you want to join.

Further information about the Society is available on a separate page.


This term's talks

There have been no talks in the 2002-3 academic year. Details of talks in the Michaelmas term 2003 will appear here when available.

Talks start at 8:30pm in the Hopkinson lecture theatre on the New Museums site unless stated otherwise.

Venue for CUCPS Talks

CUCPS talks are held in the Hopkinson lecture theatre on the New Museums Site; here is a map showing how to get there. The door marked with an arrow by the lecture theatre requires a swipecard to get in; a committee member will be there to let you in. Note that latecomers will be unable to get in; please arrive promptly! You'll also need to enter the site via the main gate in Pembroke Street since other gates will be closed.

Previous talks

Information on previous talks held by CUCPS is also available.

Speaker suggestions

We welcome suggestions (or even volunteers) for speakers who are willing to talk on any aspect of computer history or related subjects. Please contact soc-cucps-committee!

Computing History Links

The following links are to other sites of potential interest for computer history.

Other Organisations Related to Computer Preservation


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Unix History

Lisp History



Sun Workstations

Hewlett Packard Calculators

The Small-Scale Experimental Machine

The Rest

I'm pleased to receive suggestions for other relevant links. Please send mail to the address at the bottom.

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