CUCPS Library

Various printed publications have been kindly donated to CUCPS, which are likely to be of interest to members. CUCPS always welcomes additions to its library of publications, subject to limitations of space.

The following documents are in the library, if you are interested in borrowing any of them then contact the committee.

We are grateful to the following people and organisations for their donations to our library:

Some members have extensive private collections of other technical documents, which although not in the Society's library could probably be lent to members (with sufficient notice - the bulk of many of these collections is not in Cambridge). These include PERQ manuals, some PDP-11/34 documentation and circuit diagrams. A few technical publications have also found their way into the University Library and departmental and college libraries - try the online catalogue to find details of these.

We also have many surplus manuals which are not part of the library and could be given to interested members.

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